Thursday, June 4, 2009

Its Been Some time... I decided to post about what has been going on at the Cavanagh's, well let me say we Welcome Colton William to our family with open arms, he is now 2 months old, Quinn his big brother is loving almost every minute of him. I can see now they will be close as they grow up together. My G-Ma "O" passed away in April and it has been very tought on our family with her not being here with us, we all know she is not suffering in pain anymore and is happy to be in heaven I know she is playing with Colin for me. Love you G-ma and Colin I think of both you every day!! on a happier note... Quinn celebrated his 2nd Birthday wih bubbles, balloons, swimming and many good friends we enjoyed a fun filled day.

I have started to work again but only part time so its not to bad I have been busy, busy, busy, changing twice as many diapers, getting spit-up on after feeds, watching Quinn run all over and pull out every toy he owns, I am thankfully loving every minute of it!!! Skyler and Shealynn they are getting so big Sky looks like a little girl he wants to have long hair so be it. I will be cutting it soon and he will be mad but Oh whell what can a mom do I have to break down sometime. Shealynn is growing up so fast she is outgrowing Sky, she is a great helper when I can get her to help, LOL!! Well hopefully I can get myself to post more often, it seems to be a good therapy. good buy for now until next are a few pictures

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Kristen said...

Did you know Colton and Olivia have the same birthday?

Crazy huh?

Maybe we did tlak about that before...

Have a good one.