Saturday, May 28, 2011

A New Chapter for me...HCG!

I have finally decided after loosing 20 pounds on my own since July 2010, (mostly by cutting out soda and the midnight munchies...thanks goodness for Stevia and Starbucks Green Tea) that I need a little boost to shed the next 20 pounds. I have read and researched tons about using HCG. I decided that the shots would work best for me since, I am usually on the go and I can not for the life of me ever remember anything let alone time taking the drops several times a day before eating. I started my Loading days on Wed. May 25, 2011. I ate so many fattening foods and drank I don't know how many Starbucks drinks on those 2 days I never want another Venti Caramel Macciatto with extra whip from Starbucks again...ha! who am I kidding (I will eventually, but far into my future). 

I am so far doing very well on the HCG, I have stuck to it with no cheating. I hear the first week can be the most difficult, and I can see why...making meals for others in the family who can eat anything :( but, I will reap the rewards and a rockin' body (hopefully). My will power has been kicking in and I am very proud of myself. I can do it YES I can!!! This is what I tell my self every time I think of something sweet. I have a bad sweet tooth, I find adding cinnamon and vanilla stevia to my apples helps a ton, also I'm loving a strawberry smoothie, YUMMY!!! I got my Vanilla Stevia from Amazon for $8.98 shipped that is by far the cheapest I have EVER found it. (I have a link on the upper left corner for this). You will not regret trying this it is well worth the money, I have only used 3/4 of a bottle in 6 months so it last forever.

I am also looking for new recipes so if you have any you would like to share please comment or email them to and I will post them in a new post to share with everyone. Thanks for reading and hope to blog daily about my progress. Please share your progress, tips and advice.

Stats: R1P2D4 down 2.5 lbs.

*this is my own personal experience and I assume no responsibility for you trying any recipes/suggestions/products on my blog.

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